Organizations need resources to advance their mission, meet their goals and fulfill their purpose. The term advancement addresses varying components of development, donor engagement, stewardship, data and reporting and marketing/communications. Our agency can perform the following:


  • Thorough assessment of the advancement operations

  • Conduct in-depth interviews with organization constituents.

  • Perform historical data analysis to identify trends



Strategic planning is an art and science exercise pertinent to ensure the success of an organization. Allow us to design a strategic plan for your organization using these five critical components:

  • Impact

  • Outcomes

  • Outputs

  • Activities

  • Resources

Leadership &



Leadership and professional development are necessary to enhance individuals in your organization and for the growth of the overall organization. The way you begin to invest in yourself and your organization makes all the difference. We have the ability to:

  • Develop a personalized growth plan for individuals in your organization

  • Conduct evidence based leadership training for managers

  • Provide ongoing resources to strengthen identified skills and relationships

Current &



  • North Carolina Central University Athletics

  • School of the Arts for Boys Academy

  • MingleLoop

  • No Woman, No Girl Initiative

Giving a Presentation