Meet Our Founder

A quick look into the woman who just "wants to do the work"...

Why did you start the R.E. Consulting Agency?

Based on my career experiences, I recognized a gap in niche and customized consulting services for organizations, specifically non-profits. Most consulting firms provide a templated approach to assessing the organization, provide key findings and a set of recommendations for the organization to then act upon by themselves.

I realized that non-profit organizations did not have the luxury to pay for long-term consulting services and many need assistance in implementing the recommendations set forth by the firm. Serving as the chief strategist for The R.E. Consulting Agency allows me to combine my passion and experiences in accounting, fundraising, organizational and strategic planning, and leadership development to provide in-depth analysis and time to execute the respective recommendations.

What are some words you live by?

“You cannot lead them unless you love them and you cannot save them unless you serve them." I first heard this quote at a student government leadership conference at Tougaloo College. The words were delivered by Tavis Smiley as he sowed into each of us the power that we had to make a difference on our campus. I’d never known leadership and service to be separate and this quote summarized my understanding oh so perfectly.

Why did you start the Purpose Work Foundation?

The Purpose Work Foundation is just purpose. As I look at all the women in my life whom I look up to and admire, I realize it is because they all have done their purpose work. They have identified what they were placed on this earth to do and fiercely pursue it.

I want to ensure that other women have the resources they need to chase and fulfill their purpose.

What inspires you?

Whew. This one isn’t so simple. There are so many things and people that inspire me. Today, it is my niece, Zoe. She is one of the smartest eight year olds I know with the most generous heart. Her smile lights up a room and she is so kind and already is in tune with her feelings.

What’s your favorite pastime?

I’ve danced since I was four years old. It has given me some of the best friends I have and fondest memories.

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