Guide organizations with integrity through a thoughtful introspection and evidence, data based decision making process.

Transform the world by helping organizations understand how their work impact the audiences and communities they serve.

Execute a well crafted plan to ensure organization needs have been exceeded.

"To guide organizations in fulfilling their missions and having transformational impact on the world."

That's our Mission.


Founder and Chief Strategist

Renee has spent her entire professional career in client service industries. She began as a public accountant for one of the big four financial services firms and "retired" to pursue her passion in higher education. For almost twenty years, she has served in various advancement roles within top public and private higher education institutions and global non-profit organizations.

Founding The R.E. Consulting Agency has allowed her to combine her passion and experiences in accounting, fundraising, organizational and strategic planning, and leadership development. 

Renee was taught early that success in life is aligned with your commitment to God, your family, community, and education. She is driven by the words:


“You cannot lead them unless you love them and you cannot save them unless you serve them"